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What is having Potential defined?
How can I find I am using my full potential?
How do I decide I am getting better in using my potential?
When you find yourself stuck with a thought what is truly being potential; here is a small derivative approach which will help you not only redefine your understanding about how can you reach at your higher potential but also as to how easily you can tap your road to higher productivity. Despite the many factors that we cannot control, we see people build their career and credibility on some key principles. Discussing them in just a few indicative points will give you perspective on how can you begin to foresee the unfolding happening on your own potential; find them to propel you forward:

  1. You are the bar
    When you compare yourself with others, your bar may not necessarily go high but when you are comparing your performance with your past performance, only then you are measuring it right. Every performance gets better and better just by one comparison and that is your own past performance. No dependence on others and data is required if the benchmark is YOU. Freedom to work at your own pace and decision to find your convenient pace along with all comparatives being available in front of you, is what makes it easy for you to know, whether you are doing better or not. If you honestly look at exploring and reaching your full potential, you would know whether you are striving hard to reach to a new height, than before or not. This way you will constantly go higher in your confidence level too. You will gradually break your comfort zone too. Being unapologetic about your fire in the belly to reach perfection and your determination to achieve it will only set you in right direction along with apt approach to unleash your full potential.
  2. Do the homework
    Unless you are aware of your performance you cannot evaluate the team performance also accurately. Your projects and your jobs are your homework points. You are supposed to know the potential of your team, the skill sets available and how to take the best out of your team for the target. Set the expectations better than last time to the team and let them know how they performed based on individual performance bench marks for each team member. This will in turn drive them towards being better than last time. This simple self bar will enable every team member to strive to achieve their better potential and thereby the team potential will also grow many folds. Once the group performance is replicated, the productivity level also goes higher. Mentor your team; make definitive bench marks and yardsticks to make them responsible to measure their own performances. Finally, it’s a complete performance metrics which will help you establish a framework for success.
  3. Pride in Responsibility
    When you take up new responsibilities, it’s a proud moment and not a sad moment. A person who performs can only find this treasure. Additional responsibility is the result of sensible performances and if they are gained, even without requisite experience, these actually replicate exemplary capabilities of a person. Opportunity exists between what you are currently responsible for, and what needs to be done. If while doing work that you aren’t explicitly asked or required to do, you feel like you have done extra work, remember that it is that what makes it invaluable. It even broadens or deepens your knowledge and abilities. Unless you feel there is always another skill to master, a new trend to explore, new data to analyze, or a relationship to strengthen you don’t add attributes to your personal brand. You not only enhance your resume, you also start owning them. They are your investments to keep and continue to build upon throughout your career. Remember that your accomplishments and knowledge are your only dependent source of success and no one can take it, though someone always wants your place. This attitude will only help you to outwork others.
  4. Conversing at your best
    Conversing in a positive way means communicate in an articulate, succinct, relevant, timely, and not condescending manner. A positive communicator demands respect not just by his work but his behavior and words as well. A transparent conversation can foster new heights and enables people to appreciate your genuine approach. People don’t crave for goodness they crave for genuine people, so henceforth be fair communicator and manipulate least and see how your surrounding sound effect will echo in your opportunities. Your reputation comes out from your behavior and the way you keep up your commitment. So converse well to unfold more in your surroundings and make relationships which will enable to give you a platform to perform better. A need to be peaceful and happy is not only yours but of the whole world so give what you want.
  5. Ask for help
    Every perfect project goes through lot of imperfect situations and unveiling decisions to upheaval the smooth journey. If you ask for help and are open to objective feedbacks, you are opening the doors to roads of effectiveness and correction. Fault often lies in not asking for feedback or waiting until it’s too late for feedback to be effective. Most people in a position of seniority don’t want to bother formulating their immediate reaction to your work into constructive feedback, because it is far easier for them to correct your mistakes than to invest time showing you how to improve. It’s a good idea to call for suggestion huddles meeting, so that people around are prone to giving you suggestions openly and you are able to get the help of correcting or redoing it based on the feedback. Waiting till the last moment and not being proactive in asking for help may devoid you of reaching your peak performance, so ask questions and embrace your potential to improve. Help may be in different ways, suggestions, feedbacks, advices, counter arguments, etc.

Elevation is not just a myth because –
“Reaching to your better potential and achieving great success is important not just from the perspective of growing but also to boost your confidence while you are heading to the top at your redefined goals.”

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